Ozamis – Dolphin Island


I never planned to go to Ozamis, but went there anyway when 2 of my former staff said they were going to be there to mount Tanduay’s First Five band tour.

Once settled, I called a friend whom I have not seen in 25 years. Fortunately, he was in town, so I had a local for a host. He was able to get in touch with another friend, so I was touring Ozamis with 2 friends from way way back.

First stop was Cotta, an old fort with major portions already rebuilt. But one can still see the old, original stones in some sections. The fort is right beside the pier on Panguil Bay. An old cannon stood there, presumably to ward off invaders in those days.


A statue of the Virgin is within the perimeter of the fort, with believers lighting candles as they pray for blessings.

We next stopped at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, where a huge pipe organ stands in the choir area at the back.

pipe organ is being repaired, missing the pipes at the center

photo of pipe organ from the Dipolog website

My hosts then took me to the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park in Tudela, about 15 kms from the city. This is clearly the top tourist draw of Ozamis. Crude boardwalks are laid out in the premises and walking thru this maze takes the visitor to a mini zoo, with monkeys, birds, and even eagles in cages –  a wildlife sanctuary. They also have fish ponds,  hatcheries and mangroves.

interesting board walk

The highlight of the visit is the trip by boat to the Dolphin Island. The fare is P250 per person, round trip.

a long and lovely walk to the boat station

Dolphin Island is NOT an island. It is a complex that started form a solitary “bantay dagat” station. The government then created more structures that included a restaurant, a swimming pool, a grandstand,  and an area enclosed by net where dolphins are kept and fed. Visitors can feed the dolphins, or swim with them, for a fee.

approaching Dolphin Island

restaurant serves excellent kinilaw na tangigue, but no dolphin meat

2 of 5 dolphins in the complex

The are also has a section shallow enough for swimming, on a sandbar. There are designated areas, too, for diving and snorkeling. A photo of President GMA visiting the complex to dive is prominently displayed in the restaurant.

Food is good, especially the kinilaw na tangigue.

My friends later told me about Lawis, a barangay in Ozamis known to be the home of the Kuratong Baleleng. They were shocked to learn I walked in this lair earlier before they came to join me.


I  checked in  in what was said to be the best hotel in the city, Royal Garden Hotel, and got their Imperial Suite. It was a beautiful room with the bedroom separate from the living and dining area. For a provincial hotel, the suite was impressive.

living room and dining table in my suite

nice seating area

King size bed. Overall, nice suite, but . . . . .

Food service at the hotel was terrible. When I ordered for food to be brought to my room, I was told that it was going to take 30 minutes. I thought that was longer than usual. After 30 minutes, the food was still not in my room. On follow up, they said it will be ready soon. Another follow up and they said they were looking for a roomboy to deliver my food. Another follow up, threatening to dump the food in the waste basket because I was already so hungry and agitated, the food came. After a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. And that is for a single order of crabmeat  foo yong.

When I went down to the lobby, I saw my former office staff and their clients, also very hungry and agitated. They said they have been waiting like forever.

If you want convenient location, and are willing to wait long for your food, then the hotel is a good enough place to stay. My Imperial Suite was on a promo rate of only P2,295 per day. Their single rooms cost only P795 per day. Contact Royal Garden at (+6388) 521 2888. Website :    http://www.royalgardenozamis.com

I should have stayed at Bethany, another hotel that is rather off the city center. I went there for a look-see, met the owner, and saw to place, especially the restaurant, to be properly staffed. The Tanduay bands stayed in the hotel.

the restaurant at Bethany

rooms are like units

and a good-sized pool

Or maybe I could have stayed at the Aquamarine Park. they do have accommodations. A suite costs P2,950 a day on weekdays, P3,300 on weekends, andP3,500 on national holidays. They also have family rooms, as well as non-aircon native huts at P1,500 per day. Contact them at +(6388)5860292

Rewind: The Road to Ozamis

There are buses that go there from Cagayan de Oro, but I decided to hire a taxi, at P3,500 so I could stop along the way and do sidetrips and take photos.

The taxi took the road that passed Opol, a beach area within Cagayan de Oro. That area has become a tourist destination in itself, with restaurants along the sea wall.

I also stopped in El Salvador where I went up the venerated Shrine of the Divine Mercy. I was stopped at the gate, and told that shorts are prohibited. I was provided a skirt for free, that I had to wear over my shorts to be allowed to go up the shrine.

shorts not allowed, wear a free skirt

Another memorable stop is in the town of Lugait, famous for bibingka (rice cakes). Surprised to see that the international company Coca Cola has penetrated even the lowly bibingka stall with offers, much like the combo meals in fast food chains.

famous Lugait bibingka, coconut husk for fuel

even bibingka stalls have Coke combo meals !

Iligan can not be missed –  – it  is a huge industrial city.

From there, it was another province – – – Lanao. Towns that i only read about, or mentioned on television with stories like police stations being attacked by Muslim extremists – –  made the trip exciting. Heard of Kolambugan?

Oh, I never thought before this trip that Bacolod is also town in this region, and is very different form the very progressive Bacolod City in Negros Occidental.

More towns, until we get to Mukas where a barge transports passengers and vehicles to Ozamis.

inside the barge to Ozamis

Tanduay First Five Concert Tour

Sharing shots taken from the successful concert, with the crowd estimated at 45,000. The biggest show ever to hit Ozamis.

first act was Chicosci


6 cycle mind

Jay of Kamikazee doing a head stand

Bamboo, after a major fireworks display


8 thoughts on “Ozamis – Dolphin Island

  1. Hello Boy,
    I am the brod of the friend you mentioned in your Ozamiz trip. I visited him and our parents in Feb. 2011 (this month). I attended the UST @400 college and high school homecoming 3 days prior to my Ozamiz visit. We used to hang out in Don Quijote, Sampaloc in the 80s with your other close friend and our neighbor. I reside in San Jose, CA now. I like your very informative and exciting blog.
    Best regards,
    Edward Lao

    • – Ngiii Sir Mike uy =( Grammar police kaayo huhu. I know I sholud spell it with a Z but I wrote some parts with an S kay for SEO purposes bah. A lot of people still search using ozamis and I want my article to be among those that will show up sa Google and other search engines =( Sorry na gud huhu =(.-= Taga Mindanaob4s last blog .. =-.

  2. belle – Hi! thanks for the post and the blog. Our failmy will be on the road starting Marcg 31 starting from Davao to Ilocos Norte and back to Davao approximately on April 20-21. I would just like to know the Roro schedule from Ozamiz to Mukas to help us plan the trip. We’ll be returning via the Batangas-Mindoro-Caticlan-Ilo-ilo-Dumaguete-Dipolog/Dapitan-ozamiz-Mukas route so timing and good scheduling is necessary. If you have available Roro rates, it will be a big help. We’ll be on an Isuzu Sportivo Vehicle. Thanks.

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