Moon Garden Tagaytay : was Martha Stewart ever there?


Moon Garden is my favorite breakfast place in all of Tagaytay. Not one among friends I have brought with me there left unimpressed. Unfortunately, they have recently imposed a “by-reservations only” rule, with a minimum of 12 persons in the party, at P400 per head for breakfast, and P600-700 per head for lunch or dinner.   I guess I now just need to round up friends to continue my Moon Garden experience.

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Venue for Weddings

They have since changed their business model from a walk-in restaurant into a venue for events, most especially weddings. The tables are not your usual tables from furniture shops – –  they are long panels of old wooden floor or old doors made into dining tables. And they are done up like Martha Stewart is the resident housekeeping head.

Bed & Breakfast

Or I could book a B&B, even if my Tagaytay house is just 8 minutes away. Or maybe book friends there. A friend I suggested the place to said they enjoyed their wedding anniversary stay in one of the rooms, and felt like they were on a second honeymoon. And why not? You will feel like you two are alone in the place. It is so private there are only 8 rooms within the vast expanse of the garden. . And the concrete that serves as bed-frame surely won’t creak.

at the back of the headboard is the shower. No doors - you have to be really intimate to share the room

the matress is on concrete - - guaranteed not to break, and not to creak

when in your cottage, the view will make you feel like you are alone, and you own the whole place

How’s the Food?

The house specialty is cochinillo which my friends describe as”lechon baboy na nag gym”. Would you believe there is a virtually fat-free lechon?

And then there are my usual favorites. I always ask for their home-made yoghurt and their guyabano shake. Here is the menu:

Bed & Breakfast for 2 is only P2,990. Moon Garden is along SVD Road in Tagaytay. Contact Peter Geerts at 09175023118 or inquire by email :

A message from Peter came in recently, giving another number for reservations: 09399139097 and ask for Grace.

7 thoughts on “Moon Garden Tagaytay : was Martha Stewart ever there?

  1. How serene, Sir BoyP. I imagine spending a quiet week there just writing. It’s the perfect time to go- the South traffic just eased up. I love the photos! And the part on the non-creaking bed was funny. 🙂 Nice read, Sir!

    • Hi Oscar ! I am not connected in any way with Moon Garden. I just travel around the country and blog about places I go to. I do not even get free accommodations or food and drinks, so that I can keep my comments very objective. To let others share the experience, I make sure I include the contact details of these places. For Moon Garden, I indicated both the telephone number and the email contact. I hope you enjoy Moon Garden as much as I always do.

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