Burgos, Ilocos Norte


Burgos is most famous for the lighthouse at Cape Bojeador. On a recent trip, I detoured to Kapurpurawan, on the suggestion of a friend from Currimao.


The lighthouse at Cape Bojeador is rated by many as the most beautiful lighthouse in the Philippines, and I can only agree, having seen so many lighthouses myself. It was built in 1892 with a tower that stands 66 ft, built on a hill overlooking Cape Bojeador.

The zigzag drive up the hill can be a challenge to unskilled drivers, with portions of the road so narrow that motorists will have to give way to oncoming vehicles.

At the foot of the lighthouse are locals selling snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. Having gone there past lunch, I had to nourish myself with some biscuits and some cold drinks. To my pleasant surprise, I was actually asked by the locals to share their packed lunch. I was too shy to join them though.

they were sharing their packed lunch with me


The climb up the tower is easy. However, the viewing deck at the top of the tower was closed when I visited. Still, that did not diminish my appreciation of the magnificent structure.



the structure is still good, unlike other lighthouses now in ruins

view from the porch


Lunch, finally

There are several carinderias at the foot of the lighthouse, going to Burgos and bangui. Cheap food, great view of the beautiful Cape Bojeador.

lunch of less than P100, $Million view



on way to Kapurpurawan

Kapurpurawan is famous for its rock formation. A short 5-6 kms drive from the main road leads to a promontory where one can see the rock formation from a distance. But I guess no one will resist the urge to go closer. Down the trail I went, past bushy trails, until I got closer, near the shore. There are no facilities in the area. I figure some visitors stay for a couple of hous for a dip in the water. As for me, seeing the beautiful rock formation is reward in itself.

from a distance, but one could not resist the urge to get closer




Burgos is in Ilocos Norte,less than an hour away from Laoag, in the direction of Bangui and Pagudpud. There are buses stationed in EDSA and in Pasay City that ply the Manila-Ilocos route several times daily.

7 thoughts on “Burgos, Ilocos Norte

  1. BoyP – I really enjoy reading your travelogue. I wonder if you can be put on a link on the WOW Philippines website. Alot of Balikbayans would enjoy reading it.

    • Thanks, Marivic. One of these days, I will see if the Department of Tourism would want that. I figure there are hundreds of travel blogs, some probably more worthy than mine to be linked.

  2. Yes, this is indeed beautiful! We were there once, at the height of summer, and I remember the gallons of sweat I had just to get there.

    Hey, for someone who used to loathe toting a camera, your shots are great!

    • This is an easy climb. Try Capones, and you might need an IV to keep your body fluids. On the shots, I still use a point-and-shoot camera. Maybe I should upgrade to a better one, but I am not sure I have the patience to read the manual.

  3. I’d like to go there and have the same experience like you do. And I believe that while you’re having your lunch in front of a very stunning view is really a pleasure. I love to travel with my loveones and share the same experience with them. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  4. Unfortunately, it was Tuesday when we are there so Marcos Museum/ Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center is CLOSED so we just took some photos arunod the area. Take note of Marcos Museum / Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center Schedule and ratesFronting the Marcos Mausoleum/Museum (after walking through the small bridge) is the BATAC CHURCH. It was soooo hot that time so we hurriedly took photos outside but we’re able to go inside Infront of Batac Church is the MARCOS MONUMENT. We stayed in Batac for an hour then we proceeded to PAOAY!

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