Matabungkay Beach


People go to Batangas for its beach resorts. But when people go to Batangas, the top choice is now San Juan, Laiya to be exact. So why would people still go to Matabungkay? For that matter, do people still go there?

Yes, they do. I went to Matabungkay yesterday. My mom who is visiting from Australia almost always goes to Matabungkay at least once, and sometimes thrice, when she spends her 6 months a year in the country. And the top draw of this place to her is the experience of spending the day on a raft, enjoying ihaw-ihaw lunch prepared right there while she watches the kids play on the shallow beach water around the raft.

And I realized that other visitors to Matabungkay do the same – – – lunch on the raft. There are probably a hundred rafts anchored on the shore, ready for the day’s guests. All of them have bamboo tables and benches fixed on the floor. The “sawali” cover makes sure those who do not want a tan are under cover. While those who want to go home and show off a tan can spend the day on the deck chairs and get as much sun as they wish. The rafts also have a small cabin, so anyone who wants to  can rest, or sleep.

deck chairs for sunning, a small cabin for sleeping, while on the water !

The rental for the whole day is P1,500. The owners of the raft will provide you with the grill and charcoal, and all you need is to bring food to grill. You can even buy them at the center of Matabungkay where fresh seafood are sold by vendors, some in stalls.

ihaw-ihaw on the raft

the view of the shore from our "balsa"

Accommodations are also available for those who plan to stay overnight. I checked out a couple of resorts thinking that I should spend a night or two in rustic Matabungkay some time.

CORAL BEACH CLUB is the best possible accommodation in the area. Yes, far better than the old and ill-maintained Matabungkay Beach Club. The resort has a clean swimming pool, a bar and restaurant, billiards, and excellent staff. The rooms are nice and clean, and inexpensive.

the best accommodations so far

the bar

charming de luxe room (single detached) at P3,100 overnight on a weekday

nice and clean de luxe room

even the standard room, P2200 overnight on a weekday, is good enough for me

Room rates are from P2,200 to P4,600, based on 2 adults sharing a room. Additional persons in the room are provided with mattresses, at P500 per extra person.

Contact +(63) 917 9014635, (+63) 919 8220383

email :  website:

Another resort I visited is  ROYALE TAGAYTAY,, apparently the beach destination for members of the Royale Tagaytay Club. The sign on the gate says it is exclusive, but walk in and you can get a room for P2,500 per day. The resort has a swimming pool, videoke, and a bar/restaurant.

walk into this "exclusive, members-only" beach resort

accommodations are cheaper in these nipa huts

P2,500 overnight in proper, airconditioned rooms

To book  Royale Tagaytay, contact Nelson at 09093218440.

A hotel sits right at the center of the small commercial district. It is not fronting the beach, but guests can take the few steps from the hotel to the shore. The hotel is called SUNSHINE RESORT HOTEL and is ideal for big groups.

a hotel in the busy part of Matabungkay

They have rooms that can accommodate 10 persons, squeezed into any of their “Big Rooms”, each at P4,000 to P5,000 depending on the size of the room. Regular rooms for 2 persons are at P2,500 per day. All rooms are air-conditioned, and with cable TV. They have a small swimming pool right in the middle of the property.

family room at P4,500 can have as many as 10 persons in the room

a regular room for P2,500 overnight, for 2

SUNSHINE HOTEL: for reservations, contact (+63) 9177301015, (+63) 916 4281334, (+63) 906 4770424, and (+63) 927 2970743

From Sunshine Hotel walking towards the shore, I found more accommodations made available by local residents. One such is owned by an old lady named AMY DE LUNA. Her 2-room cottage on absolute waterfront can be rented by a family for P3,500 overnight.

one room is air-conditioned

on absolute waterfront

One of the rooms is air-conditioned. Lola Amy even provides her guests a stove and cooking utensils. The downside is that there is practically no privacy in the cottage, unless you are in your room/s. This downside is also the upside – – you can mingle with the local folks who get together almost by her doorsteps, talking about the day’s events, or maybe waiting for visitors who could send them to an errand, for a small fee. Talk about local color, this is the place.

call her Amy, or maybe Lola Amy

Lola Amy de Luna can be reached by phone: (+63) 917 9551376

Right beside Amy de Luna’s place is another cottage, but I was not able to inquire, not finding the owner. Here are photos of the place.

The Center of Matabungkay

Visitors can literally just bring their clothes. Anything and everything they will need they can buy in the many shops within the “sentro” or the place some people call the “palengke”, Seafood is available. Water. Charcoal. Softdrinks. Fingerfood. Rice. et cetera

fish, squids, lobsters, and pork

Would I go back to Matabungkay? I like this no-frills place. And so why not?


On private transportation, take the South Luzon Expressway, exit in Sta Rosa, and drive to Tagaytay. From Tagaytay, take the road going to Nasugbu. Follow the signs and take note of the junction where the road forks : to the right is Nasugbu proper, and to the left is Lian, going to Matabungkay. When you get to the Lian town proper, just go straight ahead until you find yourself in the junction going to the Matabungkay Beach area. The prominent sign to follow is “Matabungkay Beach Club”.

Buses to Nasugbu and Lian can be taken from terminals in Buendia, Pasay City. Travel time from the Nichols toll gate to Matabungkay is approximately 2 hours.

61 thoughts on “Matabungkay Beach

  1. My gosh- many fond memories of my childhood where we would spend summer weekends in Matabs as we would call it then. I remember when I was about 7 or 8, my Aunt brought me along with their family for a day trip- yup we brought food to sugba and rented a raft and some black salbabidas (interiors). We were playing in the raft and I lost my balance- my left arm and left leg got caught in-between the bamboo slats which had a lot of sisi (I think they are called barnacles) I had so many deep scratches that stung with the salt water. I can remember the pain even if the scars have faded….

  2. Please update the rates and put some updated contact info of these resorts. We’re planning to go in tagaytay for a retreat and got some ideas on where to go. Thanks for this nice article.

    • Hi there ! I blog as I travel and I will only be able to do an update if and when I return to the place. My intention is to give fellow travelers ideas on places to go to, and accommodations options from my own point of view. Sometimes I am able to supply contact details. You may get updated rates from the contact details I posted, or google the resorts. I do not take advertising on my site, and I do not make any revenues (nor free accommodations or free anything) from owners of inns, restuarants, hotels and resorts to keep my recommendations objective.

    • I do not accept advertising on my blog. I only write about my travels, and pay for everything. I do not accept payment nor gifts nor free accommodations and/or treats from owners of places I review. When I do not like a place, I say so. When I like a place, I also say so so that fellow travelers can benefit from that experience.

  3. Thanks for the info…. I consider bringing back the memories of matabungkay beach with my kids…thanks a lot again…

  4. Hi! It’s my grandma’s birthday this Saturday and we are planning to go to Matabungkay to celebrate. I just want to know, aside from the 1500 you paid for the raft, did you also have to pay for entrance fee? Thanks! 🙂

    • There was a minimal entrance fee which I can not remember. Essentially for the guy maintaining that section of the beach, also where we parked. Best to check with the guy you will rent the raft from, they could negotiate.

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  6. Hope this is still active… Is matabungkay beach still good? I mean, is still “clean” and “nice”…? Im setting my eyes on Coral Beach resort coz I think its a good place to stay. Im planning to go there this March 2014… Please help meeeeee

    • Matabungkay is not as beautiful and as nice as Laiya or Puerto Galera. If you want a day on a raft, jumping to the water from there, getting back on the raft for a drink, cooking/grilling your lunch, then you will enjoy Matabungkay. Of the whole stretch, only small portions are swimmable from the shore. A lot of portions are rocky. And yes, Coral Beach Resort is nice – – – you can spend the day on their swimming pool.

  7. my family is planning to have an overnight here, where do you think is best resort we can go to? we have 8 adults and 5 kids? so far, we find matabungkay beach resort amusing, but, we are still looking for cheap rates hotels, like family packages? thanks!

  8. Loved to visit Matabungkay on Sept 2014 with my kids,,,I look forward for rafts to rent for 1,500 ( is there cheaper raft to rent? ) Anyways,where is the best, safe, clean, cheap place to stay as far as peace and order is concern? Thank you

    • Hi Arjay, can you please give me your contact number? I’m interested and looking for a safe & clean raft.
      Thanks. Bing

    • Oh, that was a long time ago. I actually did not make a reservation and I just discovered the place when I went there. Prior to the visit, it has been ages since I went to Matabungkay and so I really did not anymore know (then) what to expect. Coral Beach Resort was a pleasant surprise in terms of the quality of the accommodations.

  9. =( SUNSHINE INN RESORT HOTEL is not advisable for a family vacation.
    Sobrang panget ng service. The plan was to celebrate a birthday and family reunion, pero 12:30 am e umalis kame sa resort na yan. to think na may mga bata kameng kasama dahil sa SOBRANG PANGET NA SERVICE.

    • I have approved this comment because I believe that feedback is valuable to all travelers. Just like the way i also share my opinion of places. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Thanks for all the advice and tips Sir. Really helped me a lot. Im planning to treat my family this weekend and medyo problemado ako kasi halos ako lahat sasagot ng expenses. Haha. May mga kasama kaming mga bata around 5-8 years old, do you think they would still enjoy the beach even though its kinda rocky? 😉

  11. if I were you. don’t rent or make a reservation with lola amy de luna. her 2 room cottage is one of the worst here at matabungkay. feels like your at a talipapa. she won’t even refund our initial payment to her. we are now here at sunshine hotel.

    • As a blogger, I give out options to readers on the basis of what I know and what I see. Travelers have varying tastes. I, for one, stay in presidential suites of top hotels, but I also stay in backpackers’ accommodations. Sometimes camping out on a tent. Or sleeping on a bench at a provincial police station. Nice to hear you took the Sunshine option. Tell you what, another reader swore she will never stay at Sunshine ever again. Proof that it is really “to each his own”. Please share your travel experiences again, in the future. Our fellow travelers value the feedback and they are guided by the blog post and the comments when they make travel plans. Cheers !

  12. We went today to Matabungkay Beach Hotel for the day only, and it was great. The grounds are well maintained, the restaurant is good, the pool area is very nice. It’s better looking than coral beach if you ask me! Also it has a private section of beach, whereas the main public beach was busy (though not over-crowded). Entry was 400 per head, raft + other water rentals were at the standard rate for the beach. It’s a great place for kids.

    • That is very nice to hear. When I went there last it seemed unkempt and maintenance was poor, in sharp contrast with the smaller Coral Beach. I was actually disappointed then because Matabungkay Beach Club was then THE PLACE TO GO TO when I was younger. Really really happy to hear feedback that they are re-claiming the Number 1 Status, as gleaned from your experience.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh, I haven’t seen that “gubat”. I have been near the end, to the right if you are facing the sea. It is a private place owned by a friend. So maybe that place is on the left when facing the sea?

    • Matabungkay was and is popular because of the beach. By carefully examining the map on Google, there was a forest part going to the North part of the beach side. Might want to check that on Google using the “satellite mode” =)

    • Sorry I have not been back to Matabungkay for years. But beach areas that are not gated do not charge entrance fees, except for privately owned areas where entrance fees may be cahrged. No uniformity here.

  13. Good day! Mgkno po per head sa matabungkay pag overnyt?pwde po b mgdala ng extra tent? And mgkno po cottage or room khit isa lang po for girls lang.. 15 to 20 pax po kmi..thanks

    • I am not in any way connected with any resort in Matabungkay. I only write about places as a blogger, sharing travel stories. Please inquire directly from the concerned establishment.

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