Hundred Islands


The Hundred Islands is easily the most popular tourist destination in the province of Pangasinan. Well, other than the beaches of San Fabian, the Bolinao Peninsula, and the Manaoag Church.


watching over the islands?

the boat ride starts here

It is easy to understand why one would want to go the the Hundred Islands. A visit there will mean you are now only looking at 7, 006 islands to visit from our 7,107 islands (101 islands including Luzon mainland where the visitor is presumably coming from). Guess what? There are fewer islands to go to after, because Hundred Islands is actually a total of 123 islands, but it is of course easier to just say Hundred.

a few of the 123 islands


The Tourism Office, I must say, is doing a good job in managing visits to the islands. It is well organized. Banca hires and other fees are regulated, and visitors know exactly what to pay for.


Picnic tables P200, overnight P300

rent the PBB house for P10,000, 30 liters of water P100

motorboats at p800 for a daytour for 1-5pax, a large motorboat rented as "service' for P2,000

Tourism Office

well staffed

and visitors are well-informed



a preview of the islands ahead



A short day tour will typically take guests to three islands: the Governor’s Island, Quezon island, and the Children’s Island.

Governor’s Island

This is the most developed of the islands, and is where the Governor’s House, renamed PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) house is located.

landing at Governor's Island

from the highest point of Governor's Island

the Pinoy Big Brother house

the other end

Quezon Island

Quezon Island is the most popular, and is where day-tourists most often stay for the day, renting picnic tables and spending the day on the beach.

boat landing on Quezon island

Children’s Island

Accommodations in Hundred Islands

Within the islands, the most decent accommodation is the PBB house that rents out for P10,000 overnight. Most visitors prefer to pitch tents, charged at P200 overnight pitching fee. Still, there are private nipa huts in some islands that can be rented out at P2,000 overnight. Arrangements for these can be made with the Hundred Islands national Park office, at telephone numbers (+6375) 5512505/5527406

Those who do not want to spend the night in the islands, especially those who can not not have electricity, can book themselves in the many inns across from the Tourism Office. I checked out a few:

Villa Milagros

Room rates are PP1,400 for 2, P1,600 for 3, and P1,800 for 4. Generous discounts, as much as 30%, are offered during off peak. Rooms have air-conditioning, and cold showers (no hot showers). Contact Milagros Santiago at (+6375) 5513040 or mobile numbers 0920 8502082, 0922 2436624, and 0915 2187220.


Island Tropic

This looks like a modern structure, with a restaurant and bar on the second floor, overlooking the islands. Room rates:

Penthouse                             2 pax with breakfast    P2,500

Barkadahan Room             4 pax                                 P2,000

Matrimonial                         2 pax with breakfast    P1,600

Contact Jerry Noel Mateo, Operations Manager, tel (+63917) 554 0800, (+6375) 6969405



one of two bedrooms

This is a privately owned house rented out to visitors. Overnight rate is P2,000, negotiable, and is good for a group that wants a place all its own. Contact Lerence Naniaga at mobile number 0918 731 2151

There are  other options available, with contact details visible from the photos



I did not have the time to visit this place

but it does look decent and may be considered




I have dined in this place a year ago, and remember that the food was great. They have accommodations, too.

viewed from the wharf



There are tens of stores selling T-shirts, bags, and other souvenirs, in one section of the complex between the Tourism Office and the wharf. Pay toilets are also available.


t-shirts, shorts, hats, bags, etc





Lando and Yolly are a nice couple

This eatery is the first you will see, coming from the Tourism office. I sat down and asked if they had sinigang, and Aling Yolly said she was still going to cook. I went inside to see what fish she was cooking.

I had freshly cooked sinigang na kitang, and it was so cheap !

choices, would you care for pinakbet?



or crabs perhaps

in a no-frills outdoor setting



Take the North Luzon Expressway and then the SCTEX all the way to the Tarlac/Luisita exit. In Tarlac, turn left to Camiling. Follow that road, passing thru the towns of Mangatarem and Lingayen. From Lingayer, you will pass by the beautiful coastal towns of Labrador and Sual before you hit Alaminos. In Alaminos, go to the cathedral where the road to the Hundred Islands is just fronting the church itself.

Buses bound for Alaminos and Lingayen originate daily from EDSA and Buendia (Pasay City) terminals. Tricycles can take passengers from Alaminos town to Hundred Islands.




32 thoughts on “Hundred Islands

  1. Thanks, BoyP. My mom’s hometown is Alaminos, Pangasinan. My last visit to this place was when I was 10 years old. Surely, it will be one of the places I will be visiting when I retire in a few years.

  2. This is really helpful. Hope you can give me an idea where are the bus terminal is located. F fr the airport (T3) what direction will I tell the taxi driver. Looking forward for your reply. God Bless

  3. It would be great to go there after the rainy season; while summer starts in Feb until May. The islands are “standing room” during the Holy Week, “overnighters” abound. Try Alaminos longganisa – they’re “to die for.”

    • Yes it has! But not all islands. So far only 03 islands have been developed. Hopefully through current various changes toward the betterment of hundred islands, there’ll be one or two more islands to be developed or done developing by summer 2014. Please note that there are no fresh water there. Hence you’ll use salt water for bathing unless your group took or reserved Governors islands where they/we provide drums of fresh water.

  4. hi. we plan to go to ilocos by car. We are from manila. We plan to go to hundred island first before going to ilocos and we plan to stay overnight at leisure coast hotel in dagupan. Do you know how far it is from hundred island? tnx

  5. Thanks sooo much, great guide with pics and fantastic information. Thanks again for taking out the guesswork and mystery about what to do, see and stay at this magnificent place ))))

  6. Very informative ang travel blogsite mo, dapat isali ang site mo sa ” it’s more fun in the Philippines”,,,, Good job Boyplakwatsa :))

  7. Thank you for sharing this BoyP. It’s a great way for tourists to have a birds eve view. BTW: there’ll be great changes in this place and hope to finish before summer of 2014. Recently, nipas have been eroded and will be replaced by more stable edifice. Also new rate (boat) will hopefully be granted by summer as well.

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    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)

    CONTACT # : 09301194141 /09075183062 / 9830432

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  9. the way,after a trip to hundred islands we are planning on visiting our lady of manaoag church. is it easy to travel from alaminos going to there?and how…thanks a lot 🙂

    • Travel is easy, but I will not say that it is short distance. Can’t estimate the time (I have been to both, but not done an Alaminos-Manaoag travel. My guess is it will take around 2 hours.

  10. May cottages ba sa quezon & governors island for overnight? 🙂 woukd you know kung magkano ito? We’re going there next week kasi. Thank you!

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