Palaisdaan at Kamayan sa Ilog, San Pablo


I actually visited this small resort last year when I was invited by friends to be a resource speaker in a workshop, I have been to San Pablo countless times in the past, when I was not blogging yet. Thus, I do not have photos of my favorite tilapya eateries around Sampaloc Lake. Nor a photo of the magnificent cathedral at the city center. I will confine this post to that recent trip.

Palaisdaan is a small lovely resort perfect for a picnic. Huts and cottages may be rented, and guests can spend the day around the pool. Lodging is available if you plan to stay overnight.

It has a rainforest setting. Vines on trelisses. Cascading waters from ponds and lagoons. Fruit bearing trees like lanzones, rambutan, mango, santol, banana, jackfruit, avocado, and coffee.


There is also a mini-mini zoo with an eagle, owls, doves, a peacock, and iguana.

Food can be ordered from the kitchen. The crispy tilapya is a winner.

Visitors who want to spend the day in the resort pay entrance fees of P70 per head, while children are charged P50 per pax. The fees are higher for overnight visits. Huts can be rented at between P500 to p800 depending on size and time of use.

Lodging rates are P1,500 for 12 hours, and only P700 for 4 hours.The rooms are clean, but not great. There are also just 5 0r 6 rooms within the resort.

few rooms




Palaisdaan is at Barangay San Ignacio, San Pablo City, at Km 83 of the Maharlika Hi-way.  To get there, take the diversion road, skipping the city center. It is in the direction of Villa Escudero/Quezon Province, but well within San Pablo City itself. Look to your right. It is near MERALCO.Travel time from manila is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

Contact them at telephone (+6349) 5613164 or mobile number (+63927)5253796, +(63917) 5009282. Email them at Visit their website :



If you want to spend the day at Palaisdaan but wish to stay in a proper hotel, The Coco Palace Hotel is just 5 minutes away, northbound, on the same road.

tel +(6349) 5612271, email:

my 'de luxe" room, P1,456 overnight (P1,975 rate per day)


I also checked out the nearby Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort Spa. I failed to bring my camera from the car and so I was unable to take photos. Visit their website to see the lovely sight that I saw in my visit.  I think this is the best possible accommodation in this area, and I could be wrong, too.. It is primarily a spa, but you can book a one-bedroom villa overnight for a P4,500 package that includes complementary breakfast for 2, one hour massage each for 2, plus 10% discount on other spa services and on food and drinks. Visit their website for contact details:


4 thoughts on “Palaisdaan at Kamayan sa Ilog, San Pablo

  1. An interesting post on the Palaisdaan at Kamayan sa Ilog, San Pablo. Wow, for those exotic places. I’ve been there but it was a few years ago. I hope to visit soonest. Thanks.

  2. Tony and I treated our grandson, Adrian, there last year. We enjoyed the food and place! But I strained all my aging muscles trying to keep 3-year-old Adrian from jumping into the water!

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