Punta Fuego

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Punta Fuego in Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas is the Forbes Park of Philippine beaches, an unofficial title used to be attached to its older neighbor Tali Beach.It is a residential community and is open only to members of Club Punta Fuego , residents, and their guests. The neighborhood is so snooty the houses can not even be rented out to mere mortals wanting to spend a day in this exclusive resort.

the infinity pool at the Main Clubhouse

Its long name is Peninsula de Punta Fuego (point of fire). The property sits on 88 hectares, with a six kilometer coastline, and 12 secluded coves.

The weekend beach homes inside Punta Fuego are not one’s idea of a tropical getaway. They are not bamboo homes with thatched roofs around swaying coconut trees. Rather, they are huge homes, some may actually be called mansions. Imagine Wuthering Heights.

the beach near the Lower Clubhouse. Homes can be seen up the hill.

The Club has a marina, restaurants, an 18-hole golf course, and a mini-golf.

There are restaurant choices and several types of casitas and suites at Punta Fuego.

refresh, or dine at San Diego, Main Clubhouse

Stay overnight in one of the casitas, or pamper yourself in a sunset suite or a seaview loft.

there are 33 casitas at Peninsula de Punta Fuego

Casitas can be rented on weekdays for P3,400 per day (off peak rate)  among members, and P6,500 for their guests. Weekend rates are P5,900 and P8,800, respectively.

For a full appreciation of the beauty of Punta Fuego, visit their website. Rooms and suites can be viewed, as well as beauty shots of the property. Website : http://www.clubpuntafuego.com.ph/cpfi/

Punta Fuego may be reached at phone numbers (043) 7810385 and (632) 5844405.

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