Choco-late de Batirol, a Baguio landmark


I first went to Choco-late de Batirol ages ago, when it was in a rather obscure location inside John Hay, close to the skating rink. I got so curious then why the place seemed to be so popular even while it is “hidden”.  My attention was called by the very worn-out picnic umbrellas that dot the al fresco cafe, but conceded that they looked very attractively salvaged with paint over them that made me think a high-calibre artist must have done them.  When I ordered my choco-late de batirol, I began to ask about the place. The staff beamed with pride, given the opportunity to brag about the seemingly obscure restaurant/cafe. I was told that  national celebrity figure – – lots and lots of them, have had snacks, lunch or dinner there.

the umbrellas are so attractive

Fast forward to today. Choco-late de Batirol is now in an even better location. Now you can sip your coffee or choco-late in a space that is so wide open- – – with the John Hay golf course as your view. This cafe has moved to what is called Igorot Park. You may forget how the place is called but you won’t miss this cafe as it now sits right at the gate that connects John Hay and the Baguio Country Club.


The most popular order is still bibingka and the traditional blend of choco-late de batirol.

my favorite merienda here

But I have had many snacks, lunches and dinners here that I can vouch for their food quality. In fact I was pleasantly surprised that their dishes compared well with those from the more popular Dencio’s or Gerry’s Grill, although their menu is not as varied. Yet you trade off the food variety with  the shabby chic ambience that Choco-late de Batirol offers, and you will feel that you made the right choice.



I took a photo of the menu, just in case you want to know what else  there is  to enjoy other than bibingka (P105), suman sa lihia (P64) and choco-late de batirol (P80). You may even want your chocolate flavored with almond, strawberry or kahlua (P90-95).


Breakfast (opens at 8:30am)  is P160 if you choose Vigan longaniza, tocino kalabaw, or tocino pork. Plated lunch of rice + caldereta or sisig or talangka costs between P165-185 per person. At other times, I have ordered dishes good for 2-3, like binagoongan, paksiw na lechon, or boneless bangus for P185-290.

Diners can also buy pasalubong items, pretty much like those available in mazapans and other outlets.

I have never had a free meal nor a free drink at Choco-late de Batirol. But I am sharing the pleasant experience so that fellow travelers may also enjoy both the place and the food on this side of Baguio City.

3 thoughts on “Choco-late de Batirol, a Baguio landmark

  1. it truly is a delightful place. especially so when we visited as there was this gentle rain that enveloped the place with a wet mist. & there we were with hot tsokolate & bibingka. lovely!

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