FUNtastic Philippines went up to Baguio last month to cover this colorful spectacle that grows in popularity year on year.



The parade started from the Panagbenga Park at the John Hay side of South Drive. We had an easy time photographing the floats as they assembled prior to the start of the parade.






We had a feast photographing participants above the floats, those in Igorot attire – – – as I missed the parade the day before.




When the crowd swelled, we contented ourselves with  taking other shots – – anything within our sight.540900_10151447735617570_1871213279_n



At a jampacked intersection, we were being asked by police to move back. But there wasn’t even an inch to move back to. At that point I thought maybe they thought people could fly. Or just banish from the scene.


I took this one last shot near SM on the way to Starbucks. My friend Brenda (who flew in from Davao), her daughter and I thought this was enough. I think I am ready to suggest to the organizers to close this festival to the public. It is utter nonsense to go and watch and be asked to push back where there was just no space. You can have your Panagbenga, and I will enjoy Baguio in the comforts of my John Hay home unbothered by this mad event in the future. Panagbenga, enough.

4 thoughts on “PANAGBENGA, Baguio City

  1. Wow! Good shots, more vivid than watching the TV! How much more when you are really there, very much present and very much aware and very much alive! Fantastic! I salute you, Boy!

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