Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Park


Anvaya is Ayala Land’s answer to Punta Fuego, even while on a geographically opposite location. Just 10-25 minutes off the Morong gate of Subic’s SBMA complex, this A-1 resort is getting all he accolades it rightfully deserves. The vines on the trellis at the reception area are truly welcoming.




The walkway serves as a bridge across a huge lagoon where ducks swim or wade around freely. Around the walkway are koi ponds that instill nature into the visitor’s senses.


While this photo may never capture the awe I had on seeing this huge boulder that was tempered and made into a water feature, I thought of showing this here anyway. Look for this when you visit. It is so calming.


There is a second-level function area that looks out to the pool and the sea.


The complex of swimming pools is so inviting. Surrounded by tall coconut trees and dotted with restful deck chairs. And bars for drinks and food.


Some say why a pool when you are in a first class beach resort? No one can blame you if you completely ignore the swimming pools and go straight into the sand and the water. Or just stay on a shade under the tree and watch the crystal clear water of this Morong beach


Anvaya is (also) a residential community. Either you buy a piece of land and build a fabulous beach house or buy a condo unit. And you become a member of this exclusive beach club. Members who do not own property can book themselves in one or many of the lovely casitas surrounding the lagoon.


I stayed in waht is called a garden room, a room with a queen-sized bed and a veranda. The appointments are first class, and attention to detail when this was being furnished can be seen all the way to the toilet and bath.



I got my membership way before Anvaya opened and have religiously paid my monthly dues. And today I still ask myself why I never visited. Having seen what I saw, and having been attended to the way I was, I am surely going to spend many weekends and holidays here.


While Anvaya is a members-only beach club, anyone can visit on a day tour or stay for a night or a couple of nights – – – get a member to endorse you. With its popularity, it will not be extremely difficult to find a friend who is a member. Go visit Anvaya for the relaxing weekend you have been dreaming of.

29 thoughts on “Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Park

  1. Hi! This is waaaaay too cool!! I wish we could visit Anvaya as well even on a day tour basis only. Do you happen to know agents who arrange tour packages to Anvaya? I was searching the web but I only came across blogs written years ago. Yours was the most updated. Haha. Please help me. Lol. I only have a week left for my vacation and I’m really dying to see this premium resort. Thank you!

    • Hi Pam!

      If ever you are returning, I can accompany you for a Daytour. I am not a member but as a property consultant for this project, we are allowed on certain conditions to assist those who are interested to see Anvaya and explore the investment opportunities in this paradise.
      Hit me an email :

    • Hi..can we rent the unit tomorrow till sunday..were only two adults and one child. S it available and how mcuh? Ty

      • I personally do not have a unit, I only have membership that entitles me to book myself and my friends. I understand you are replying to someone who answered on this post. I hope he/she goes online in time to respond to you.

    • We want to stay thwre at anvaya for 2d/ much will it coat us.we are 11 adults and 2 kids.we want the package wherein we can utilize the bwach and the swimming pool.u could also send me a quotation with that of full board meal.thanks

      • I am a blogger and I only wrote about my experience at Anvaya. I do not have any commercial or business relationship with Anvaya, other than my membership in the club.

  2. Hi Sir,

    I am Joyce Labao, I worked for the Department of Budget and Management (HRDD). Sir I know this is too much to ask but can you endorse us to ANVAYA. We’d like to have our team building activities here if its possible.

    Thanks so much Sir.

  3. Hi po, I’m an architecture student yung thesis ko parang Anvaya, pwede ko po ba kayong ma interview kahit thru email lang?

    • I would be glad to help but you might be mistaken about my “knowledge” of Anvaya. I am not part of Anvaya and not connected in any way with them. I am a mere member by virtue of a membership I took, entitling me to membership privileges like booking rooms, meals or functions and only signing for such, being billed monthly. I also just wrote about Anvaya as a blogger, just like I write about all the destinations I go to, helping to promote travel around the Philippines.

    • hi kenneth,

      i’d like to have a day tour in anvaya with my famliy, what should we do to get in and how much would it cost?. i am a non-member, any chances how? thanks in advance

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