Kaybiang Tunnel to Hamilo Coast


This tunnel was only recently opened and has made travel from Cavite to Batangas more interesting. It used to be that those who wanted to go to the now-famous Hamilo coast and Pico de Loro would drive to Nasugbu and go past Punta Fuego. Not anymore.

Start your journey from SLEX and exit in Carmona and drive onwards to Trece Martires via Governor’s Drive. Drive on to Naic and to Maragondon. From Maragondon (where you may want to check out Lolo Claro’s Restaurant and the Bonifacio Trial House, covered in a separate post here), take the road to Caylabne, bypassing Puerto Azul. Follow the signs that say To Batangas/ To Nasugbu, and you will then find your way face to face with Kaybiang Tunnel.Image




When you exit the tunnel, you will be pleasantly surprised that the view is so beautiful. I didn’t expect such a sight. I just wanted to see the new tunnel but I was rewarded with a view of the Hamilo Coast – – – lots of photo opportunities.




Take this drive one of these days. And these landscape and seascape will be sufficient reward.



9 thoughts on “Kaybiang Tunnel to Hamilo Coast

  1. Great pics and blog Boy! I wanted to check out this new route but had no prior reliable info on the tunnel. Some people say it would be better to travel this way in the daylight, was not yet open, took longer etc….. NOW I can try it out – THANKS to your LAKWATSA blog….Keep up the interesting work, cheers!

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