Lolo Claro’s Restaurant



I discovered this heavenly restaurant last year when a group of travel photography group I am a member of explored Maragondon last year. This morning, I took my mom to Maragondon just to have lunch in this faraway restaurant – – – driving all the way from Alabang. On the way to Maragondon, I saw a big sign that said Lolo Claro’s, and I skipped this restaurant located in what looked like a mini mall in Naic. Instead, I went all the way to Maragondon where the original restaurant is located.


This restaurant is found a little after the marker that welcomes visitors to Maragondon, on the left side of the national high-way. We got there a little past ten in the morning, intending to have a really early lunch. We found 3 other tables with guests who came even earlier than we did. I ordered the specialty of the house – – –  fried chicken. And a “small” platter of noodles – – – bijon guisado that serves four, as there were four in our party.

I normally take photos before we partake of the food. But my excitement made me forget to take photos earlier, and I just remembered I wanted to write about this restaurant. And so I took photos after we actually started eating. At Lolo Claros. the fried chicken is crispy and the white meat is so tender.


The bijon guisado was so good and we finished it all, even as I earlier thought we could not finish the whole serving.Image

We also ordered 4 bottles of mineral water. The total bill came to only P550.00.

Here’s what else they have on their menu.


If you happen to be traveling and find yourself in maragondon, do not miss this restaurant. I discovered this last year, and I came back soon. You would, too.

The restaurant is not even airconditioned, but it is clean and spacious.


Maragondon is a beautiful town. Check out their old church, and the Bonifacio Trial House. Or the beaches in nearby Ternate. Or maybe you may want to see the new Kaybiang Tunnel that connects Ternate to Batangas. Many many reasons to go to Maragondon. As for me, Lolo Claro’s is enough reason.

As a travel blogger, I pay for all my meals and accommodations. I do not promote places in exchange for any favor. You can see how I loved their chicken to “advertise” them for free. If you want to read more about Lolo Calro’s, you can go to their facebook page

4 thoughts on “Lolo Claro’s Restaurant

    • Yun pong review na ginawa ko ay buhat sa kasiyahan ko sa lugar at sa sarap ng food ninyo. Pati mother ko po ay nasiyahan. I will be beack anyday, incognito. As an honest blogger myself, I review places as I experience them. At palagi po akong incognito at nagbabayad ng buo, hindi po ako tumatanggap ng kahit libreng kape. That is why my review of your excellent food is well deserved. My friends who came after my review told me they loved your food. Salamat din po.

  1. thank you and God bless you…..the proprietor is my brother who happens to be a Christian pastor as well… thing about the resto…….the establishment is an honest taxpayer……praying that through your blog many will patronize Lolo Claro’s Restaurant and really find the place worth their time, because it really is…..again, thank you…..

    • Maybe the vocation of your pastor-brother and the resto’s being an honest taxpayer make the gods up there bestow blessings on the restaurant and its owners and the staff. I believe that blessings come to good people.

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