Nagcarlan and Liliw, Laguna


Nagcarlan and Liliw are practically twin towns. Even from childhood, my memories of these two towns are of rivers and streams people visit for a refreshing dip.

From San Pablo, Nagcarlan comes first. Nowadays, the town’s biggest attraction is its Underground Cemetery.






Liliw, on the other hand, has successfully promoted its Tsinelas Festival. But the allure of a dip is still there. I chanced upon a resort where the pools are filled with spring water. I thought they deserve a visit, even if only for a day or overnight. No great shakes, but then a dip in a pool of spring water is not an everyday experience.







2 thoughts on “Nagcarlan and Liliw, Laguna

  1. ThAt’s what I always heard from my mother who was from Nagcarlan. Dippinh in cool streams and going from tree to tree. She always said it was a pity I did not enjoy that kind of a childhood.

  2. Yeah BATIS NG LILIW is one real cool resort and i mean cool, they have these pools with natural spring water and man theyre really fit for cooling down during the hot summer season. Everyone should try this resort when you are in lili, the staff are likewise warm and friendly!

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