GLAMPING, anyone?


Glamping as defined in Oxford Dictionaries:


[MASS NOUN] British informal

A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries
My friends and I who regularly go camping, pitching tents near the beach or in mountains and riversides decided to glamp, for a change. All photos appearing on this glamping posts were taken by friends from #FUNtastic Philippines Fun Group, my fellow glampers: Papa Jet, Mai Sotto, Jun Bucao, Bob Gan Ferrer, Jon Michael, Nikki Lim, Connie Talactac, Annette Tamayo, Mommy B, Cherry Rose Dematera, Senyorita Lakwatsera, Rhyan Manago, and Gerry de Leon, Bobby and Amy Taron, Henry Completo, and Monina Cabanada.
Venue was a private vacation place in Tagaytay. Early Saturday morning, glampers started to pitch tents and, unlike in previous camping experiences where earth pads were rolled, each tent had proper mattresses and beddings and pillows with crisp, white, starched pillowcases.
pitching tents

pitching tents

pitching tents, setting up mattresses and white linen beddings

pitching tents, setting up mattresses and white linen beddings

if there are model homes, we played with this tent as our "model tent"

if there are model homes, we played with this tent as our “model tent”

all tents set up

all tents set up

Amenities included a swimming pool with waterfalls, a restful veranda with huge couches, a billiard table, darts, toilets with hot & cold showers, an outdoor kitchen with complete cooking facilities, and a bar with tables and chairs used as our dining area and videoke hall. There was also a huge “kawa” hot bath, and an authentic Ifugao native house as points of interest for the glampers.
A group of 4 went to the nearby Tagaytay City Public Market and later on prepared a boodle fight lunch. Never imagined camping to have as much food on the table, including shrimps and crabs, fruits and wine, and many other dishes.


Dinner was by candlelight. For photography we turned some ceiling lights on. After dinner drinks consisted of flowing brewed coffee, beer, Johnny Walker Double Black, and a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label. Oh yes, we also had Absolut Vodka with Sprite, lemon and cherries.



There was singing til the early hours of the morning, with some glampers taking a dip in the pool even at 4am.



We broke camp the next day. After breakfast, and while preparing to leave for home, the group decided to go on an unplanned lunch to a restaurant in Calauan, Laguna. And to shoot some old homes and the old church in nearby Pila. But that is another story.

We will most likely do a second glamping experience – – more to accommodate friends who weren’t able to join us the first time.

ISKARGU Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna



Many people think the restaurant has escargot as the main attraction. I thought the way the restaurant was named is very clever, and has very high recall – – – even for those who will hear it for the first time. ISKARGU is a play on the main dishes – – – ISda, KARne, and GUlay.  The owner must have been inspired with the popularity of a genre of restaurants in Cebu called SUTUKIL which stood for the three ways of cooking fish. ISKARGU is more clever, because it can be mistaken, in a fun way, with the popular delicacy in France  – – escargot, kuhol to us Pinoys.



More than the name, I consider this native restaurant the best stop on this side of Laguna. Excellent food turo-turo style, inexpensive, and a very unpretentious setting with wide windows that open to rice fields. Not unlike the more popular place that has huge fish images made of cement, huge this and huge that. But with very slow service I could die of hunger before my order is served. At ISKARGU, I pick mouth-watering dishes and I am served immediately. Rice is served on banana leaves. Ordering halo halo completes my experience.


Just yesterday, I had a group of 12 for lunch. We had 2 orders each of 6 different dishes including fish eggs (not caviar?), pinaputok na isda, kinilaw, etcetera etcetera. Our bill came up to only P200 each. And there was a singer to entertain us with old familiar music while enjoying our lunch.




Everyone from  #FUNtastic Philippines Fun Group that joined the unplanned food trip showed happy faces – – – busog sa masarap at murang lunch. Our friend Bobby Taron took this group photo:

#FUNtasticPhilippines Fun Group

#FUNtasticPhilippines Fun Group


A quick edit to share how one in our group reacted upon seeing my blog on ISKARGU, only because he also loved the place. Here is Papa Jet of #FUNtasticPhilippines, in his own words:

” First time I ate here, and I just have to say that it’s definitely worth adding it to your travel itinerary to Laguna area — 22.6 km after Rizal Shrine in Calamba… on the way to Cavinti (Pagsanjan Falls), Lake Caliraya, Majayjay, Lucban, Mauban, Tayabas… definitely even worth it, just to go to IsKarGu just simply to have good food that you can be proud of, even with your foreigner visitors!!! You might even be mentioned by the real good singer, if she knows you’re from FUNtastic Philippines… ;)”

For visitors who want to bring something home, their counter features many interesting “take home” items – – – pastillas, native wine including lambanog, apple cider vinagar, turmeric, pinakurat vinegar, bottled guyabano end items I don’t see in pasalubong centers.








When I left the place, I saw a poster inviting regulars (and their guests, I think) to a buffet for P299 featuring 30 different dishes. I do not think anyone can get a better deal than that.


I just checked their social media page, and I am sharing the link in case readers want to discover ISKARGU and get to know the place even more prior to a visit.

It is worth the travel. In fact, we did not have to go anywhere around there. My friends and I just thought we wanted a good lunch out of town, and so we went. Maybe it is time for wanderlusts and foodies to just go, not having to find any reason or excuse. The foof trip is reason enough.

By the way, at the wall outside were photos of many personalities who have enjoyed ISKARGU. Government officials, movie and television personalities, some prominent businessmen. I figure this is the best endorsement they can ever get – –  celebrity diners who opted for best value.


Bobby Taron who took our photo, completing the frame. What a beautiful ambience for lunch.