Fort San Pedro, Cebu




Fort San Pedro, or Fuerza de San Pedro, made of stone and mortar,  is the smallest tri-bastion in the Philippines. It is a lovely sight, and a “date place” the way the young and the not so young go to Fort Santiago or to the Paco Park in Manila to be with their special someone in a romantic nook.




It is a good tour for students of history. At the entrance cove, one finds photos of the fort in the old days. And on another wall are snippets of history relating to the founding of Cebu.














4 thoughts on “Fort San Pedro, Cebu

  1. Thank you for your post on Fort San Pedro that I saw only today after returning from Cebu on Sunday morning with the entire family. We went to the usual tourist spots in the City, including Fort San Pedro (which was clean, relatively quiet, and small enough for my younger apos, 3 and 7 years old, to roam around the walls). The surprise of the Cebu City tour was the new SM Seaside which we all thought was just another SM mall. It is not. All of us enjoyed the view from the large “veranda” located outside the 3rd floor. It give you a panoramic view of the sea in front of the mall. Its was well laid out, landscaped, and provided with play areas and equipment that my apos enjoyed (enough for one of them to quip that it was the best SM he has seen).

    • Thank you for the comment re Fort San Pedro.

      About SM Seaside, I went there on a previous trip, and learned about it being the biggest SM. I skipped the mall, though. Personally, I do not enjoy going to huge malls. Not even MOA, nor Megamall. Haven’t even been inside Trinoma. But my wife and daughter, both into malls, enjoyed SM Seaside, too.

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