D’ King Fried Chicken

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Busy during the Juego de Toro at the Masbate Rodeo


I attended the new event at the Masbate Rodeo called Juego de Toro and got so hungry especially when I saw the store pictured above from where I was taking photos of the event.  In between the release of cattle, I sneaked into this chicken store. My verdict: they had good tasting fried chicken that is so inexpensive and is a good fill for one’s tummy. I did not say excellent, I said good. That is also because we should all calibrate our expectations depending on the place and the price of the items.

How can one miss with a fried chicken and rice meal for P28? And P40 with soft drinks. I wanted another piece of chicken and my lunch was just a little over P60 I decided to give the change as a tip.

I would eat here again if I happen to be in the area. And I don’t mind suggesting this place to friends. In fact, immediately after, I asked my friends gathered around the venue chicken restaurant to have lunch there.

Easy to find. Along Rocero within Masbate proper, a building away from the former DBP.

Of course this is, as usual, a recommendation from experience. Like I mentioned, I paid for my meal, and even asked them to keep the change.


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