Sagada : suitcases not allowed here

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After viewing the caves in the other Cordillera province of Apayao, I can say without fear of contradiction that Sumaguing is still the most beautiful of the caves.

You can arrange for a Sagada tour, or a tour to other destinations thru: 
Sagada tours through


A prized possession : antique backpack bought 30 years ago. Must now be 50+ years old.

Sagada is a dream destination for backpackers. I dreamed this dream in the 80s when Sagada was just a small town in a mountain forest. To this day, I keep as a prized possession a local backpack that was already very very old when I bought it nearly 30 years ago. In one of my travels to Australia, a European backpacker tried to charm me and offered me her hi-tech backpack plus cash in exchange for mine. No way.

This beautiful town is part of the Cordilleras within the Mountain Province. The nearby town of Bontoc is the provincial capital and the nearest trade center.



A most photographed Sagada landmark, the Episcopalian Church, taken in 2008

taken December 2016 taken December 2016

inside the church inside the church

The Town Center
The commercial center of Sagada features the Tourist Information…

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One thought on “Sagada : suitcases not allowed here

  1. I visited Sagada in 1984. The place was so serene and beautiful. My late professor Dr. William Henry Scott in college inspired me to visit Sagada. Dr. Scott spend years studying Sagada. Thank you Dr. Scott.

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