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When you are tired of the new Sta Rosa in laguna, then maybe it is time to explore this town before it became the cosmoploitan city that it is now. Start with the city center and see how this arch seems like it came straight out of a Parisian street.

Check out the Church next and say a little prayer. And pray for the homeless and for the innocent kids that they may forever be pure at heart. And pray for the city employees and the Sta Rosa workforce as they go about their daily routine earning a living.

waiting for a ride to work

traffic aide at work

unable to work


An interesting part of the visit to town is the MUSEO, right beside the church. It does look like this must be the old “municipio”. Interesting furniture and objets d’ art from many years past are preserved in the museum.

prominent families

faded photographs

an old lamp


I thought that it would be fun to go there on this very novel mode of transportation. I could have parked my car in Alabang and maybe I will be in Sta Rosa in no time at all, barring “traffic’ on the railroad tracks. This is waht they call “skates”. Seriously, this a a mode of transportation from point to point along the railroad tracks.

And the Sta Rosa SM is on this part of this new city.

Kidding aside, if you want to explore the old Sta Rosa, drive back from Nuvali. It is on the other side of the SLEX.