The Church in Atimonan

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Returning from a Bicol road trip, a friend suggested we pass by his hometown of Atimonan. It was getting dark and the merienda and halo halo he asked is relatives to arrange for our group seemed at first to be “wrong timing” because we were going to get there after dark. Yet, to our amazement, the merienda was so nourishing and so relaxing that we had energy to shoot the church. And we were so privileged to visit the church all lit up, a special accommodation from the parish priest. Here are photos of this beautiful church called Our Lady of the Angels.


The Church in Atimonan

Padang Atimonan 035

Padang Atimonan 027

Padang Atimonan 038

Padang Atimonan 039

Padang Atimonan 040

We then went into the adjacent church museum.

Padang Atimonan 042

Padang Atimonan 041

Padang Atimonan 044

Right in front of the church is a beautiful fountain that serves as the focal point of the church plaza.

Padang Atimonan 047

And the merienda? Well worth the trip.
Padang Atimonan 121


Several bus companies ply the Quezon-Bicol route. Tell the driver/conductor to let you get off in Atimonan. When taking a private vehicle, drive south past SLEX and on to Lucena. Pagbilao is the next town from where you drive up the Quezon National Park, known to travelers as “Bitukang Manok” duie to the xtremely circuitous  route and steep curves. After this exciting ride, you will find yourself in Atimonan. Turn left to get to Atimonan town proper.