Canvas Hotel Puerto Princesa

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It was decades ago when I brought my wife and daughter to Puerto Princesa for a cruise of the Underground River, a visit to the Iwahig Penal Colony, the Vietnamese resettlement community, a crocodile farm and a mall.

Progress is evident in the new malls, especially SM City where we held a bonsai exhibit.

Stayed before in what was then the best hotel in town. Passed by it and it still looked good, and won’t mind staying there again.

But the most pleasant surprise is the hotel recommended by friends.

Canvas is a boutique hotel. The rooms are of good size, well appointed, and with all amenities I expected. I liked the overall design concept, and was intrigued by the coffee shop’s name, Painted Table. Indeed there was a huge painted table, very well done, that served as the focal point.

The best thing about Canvas is the staff. All very professional, all very attentive. From the front desk, to housekeeping, to the Painted Table staff. They offered to bring my omelet instead of waiting for it to be done. They asked whether I wanted another cup of coffee. All these without feeling intruded.

Canvas will be my hotel of choice in Puerto Princesa.