Solaire Resort and Casino

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I have seen posts from many friends. Typical of me, I almost always am the last to see a new place.

First set foot inside Solaire a few months back to watch Celeste perform at the Theatre. And then, Sound of Music came in and I booked tickets for the family, and a room. A Sky Suite, to be exact.

We were advised to enter thru the Sky Tower VIP entrance. I thought it was a special entrance, and it turns out it is the usual hotel entrance. Had to walk thru the hallway past the smoke-filled casino.

The front desk is at the lobby beside the PRADA store.

We got to our 12th floor suite. Hmmmm, nice room. Two queen sized-beds, complete amenities (as expected of a suite within a “luxury” hotel). A sitting room with fruits and chocolates to welcome us.



I only wished we had a room with a better view.

So we won’t have to rush for dinner, thinking it would take up so much time ordering and waiting for the meals, and waiting for the bill – – we ordered room service dinner a good two hours before. It came promptly, and both my wife and daughter liked everything we ordered so much that we finished what we thought was too much food to finish.

We didn’t get anything from the mini bar, though. And noticed that water is more expensive than beer.


The housekeeping and in-room dining service staff are excellent. I would not give as high a rating to the front desk staff who made us wait for our room, even when it was already available. And we were ushered to a smoking bar/lounge beside the front desk, for complimentary drinks, while waiting. Until I stood up to ask if the room was available, we were not being called, as they earlier promised to do once the room was ready.

Minus this check-in episode, I rate Solaire pretty good. And I don’t mind staying there again when a show I like gets to be scheduled at the Theatre.