Travel Tips on Yahoo Answers


When you can’t find info on a travel destination on the net, you can post a question and get real answers from real people. Some of the answers are experiential, while some are just from wikipedia.

I also go to this site a lot. Asking, as well as answering. I think my answers about Laiya, Batanes, Tagaytay, Baguio, as well as Cavite beaches, etc have been useful to those intending to travel to these destinations.

You may want to visit this site. It is easy to participate¬† – – – you just need to create a Yahoo Answers name and create an avatar if you wish. In this forum, I go by the name “Lakwatsa”¬† and if you click on the category : Travel-Asia Pacific-Philippines from the USA site, you will find me on top of the Top Contributors list.

You can share your travel expertise, too. Or argue with some members seeking political points of view.

Warning: there are trolls on this site who are just playing, pretending to be asking questions. They have nothing to do. You can ignore them and just concentrate on travel-related questions and answers.

Here is the link, and you can start by clicking on ASK.;_ylt=Aq1v_940pXciOdKRNc5fR6MS7RR.;_ylv=3

And if you feel like reading up on a future travel destination, click HOMEPAGE above, on the right to see the places I have blogged about recently.

Happy traveling !